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Wikia "Discussions"

Wikia had announced back in September before the "Fandom" rebrand, that they were intoducing this new feature called "Discussions" which would replace the Forum I installed when I became an admin. The Forum was introduced about five years ago and recieved a really warm response. Discussions doesn't seem to be recieving the same kind of "good press" as it were, however.  I am aware that I am the sole admin and therefore responsible for managing all of this communty's communication methods, so I will see about adding Discussions when the wide release occurs; no date for that, at the time of this writing, at least, has been announced. Please post questions and/or comments here. l'll update here later. Thanks.

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Please post questions and/or comments here.



To my knowledge, still no wide relase date set for Discussuins,

-SummitMuppet, burecrat/admin.

It's up!

Sorry for having neglected my duties over the months.It wasn't good of me.

I'll strive!
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