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Daisy and Poppy are practicing magic.

When Queen Thistle took their wands, they kept using Holly and Fleur's wand.

They kept turning Fleur into a kitten, they turned Holly into a kitten too. They turned Mr Elf, Mrs Elf, The Wise Old Elf and the other elves into bunnies. Poppy and Daisy and turned into birds. Nanny says the magic words "Runaway, kittens, come back, fairies", "Hop away, bunnies, come back, elves" and "Fly away, birdies, come back, twins!" Then, they turned Nanny Plum into a frog. Watch the video to see what happens next.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom - Daisy and Poppy11:14

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom - Daisy and Poppy


Daisy and Poppy using magic to get their food.

Snapshot 2 (12-12-2011 20-27)

Ben, Holly, Barnaby, Fleur and Gaston with Daisy and Poppy

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