Vital statistics
First appearance ben and holly meets battle for dream island
Latest appearance ben and holly meets battle for dream island
Voice Sam Smith.
Friends Ben and Holly
Enemies everyone else except Ben and Holly
Gender male
Fate {{{fate}}}
Quote NO ONE WILL DISOBEY ME! IN FACT, GO GERMANY, HUNGRY WITCHES OF GERMANY! But to me, it feels like an invasion of Dream Island
The announcer is a teenage voice who only appeared in Ben and Holly Meets Battle for Dream Island, an episode of Ben and Holly that only premièred in the Philippines.

Scenes. Holly: You can't be doing this! Announcer: I don't care! I might start a battle of Dream Island! Holly: But what about Daddy? We can't leave him back at the Little Kingdom! Announcer: Sorry. But I have to go and FIGHT!!!!!

Ben: Dad, why have you got sticks? Mr Elf: We need to make a fire to burn off the battle of Dream Island...

Holly: Strawberry! He's coming! Strawberry: Who? Holly: The evil guy who keeps making speeches every day on Dream Island!!!

Announcer: You have defeated me. Have some candy. You'll lose next time!

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