(theme song)

Wise Old Elf:(off screen)"Today's adventure starts at...the Great Elf Tree."

Ben:(title card)"Apple Bramble"

Mr Elf:"Everyone!Attention everyone!"(hooting horn)"We are celebrating the Fruit Harvest again!"

Ben:"Will it be the same as last time?"

Mr Elf:"No!This time we will pick crab apples,gooseberries and cherries."

(long pause)

Holly:"Mr Elf.Are crab apples like crabs?"

Mr Elf:"Don't worry Holly.No.They live in the wild.Not from the farm."

Wise Old Elf:"Everyone into the trucks!We firstly go to Apple Bramble,where there are crab apples."

Ben:"Dad!How long does it take to Apple Bramble?"

Mr Elf:"4 hours and 25 minutes."

Barnaby:"Um...Mr Elf.I'm very hungry."

Mr Elf:"I'm so sorry children.You should have ate lots of food before you leave."


Mr Elf:"Don't worry.We can go to the Fairy Teahouse."

Mr Elf:"Okay guys!We are just going to leave but you take over!"

Everyone (excpect the people in and out the Elf Truck):"Right-e-o!"

Barnaby;"Oh thank goodness.I never went to this restaurant before."

Other children:"Teahouse!"

Barnaby:"Oh whatever."

Mr Elf:"Just 3 hours to go."

Mr Elf:"We made it."


Mr Elf:"Here is the plan children.We will be chopped up in pairs but I will be with Ben and Holly.Now go get your partner!"

Mr Elf:"Right.Now you got your partner,you must be careful because you could get lost.The Elf Factory made a map for a person.Share it with your partner.Am I clear?"


Violet:"What if we're in danger?"

Mr Elf:"If you are in danger,make sure to beat that up.Now no more questions please!"

Ben:"Dad.Which is the best place to look for apples?"

Mr Elf:"At the centre."

Waiytod 1 and 2:(cry angrily)

Mr Elf:"These creatures are called waiytods.We must jump over that creature."

Holly:"But Mr Elf.That is very long.What can we do now?"

Ben:"Run through them!"

Holly:"Great idea Ben!"


Mr Elf:"Thank goodness.We're at the cave now.Go north Ben Elf!"

Ben Elf:"Yes dad!"

Mr Elf:"Oh dear.We have to climb over that cliff."

Holly:"But Mr El-"

Mr Elf:"You stupid rascal.I have a bag!"

Holly:(whispering)"Ben.If we are at the top of the cliff,we will push him."

Ben:(whispering)"Not really."

Mr Elf:"Galaxy pushers!We can use these to climb over the cliff."

Ben and Holly:"Cool!Thanks Mr Elf!"

Mr Elf:"Is everybody ready?"

Ben and Holly:"Yes!"

Mr Elf:"Then let's go!"

Mr Elf:"Phew.We made it to the top.Let's see.Um.Okay children.There is another trap sneaking onto us.Jumply mushrooms will be our next trap.They jump instead of walk.So don't get bumped or I will kill you.Okay?"

Ben and Holly:(gulp)"Okay!"

Mr Elf:"Go west Holly Thistle!"

Holly:"Yes Mr Elf!"

(Song:We are never lost!)

Ben:"It seems like we reached to the next trap."

Mr Elf:"Now be careful children.Oof!"

Ben:"They are very fast creatures!"

Holly:"Hooray!We defeated the next trap!"

Mr Elf:"We are nearly there.We just have to go north-east."


Strawberry:"Look Barnaby!Another crab apple!"

Barnaby:"Thanks Strawberry!"

Strawberry:"We got 5 right now.Let's tell Mr Elf we collected enough apples."

Barnaby:"But where is he?"


Strawberry:"Hi Violet and Rosie!Can you help us where Mr Elf is?"

Violet:"He could be at the centre."

Rosie:"Or maybe he's finished."

Strawberry:"I'll choose your idea,Violet."


???:"He.Well would ya like an apple.?"

Rosie:"It's very nice to see to see you but you are banised in the cave.Anyways,what is your name?"

???:"Woikers'n Boinkers."


Woikers'n Boinkers:"My real name is Aliverote."(eyes turn greener and roars loudly)

Children:(shriek)"Mr Elf!!!!HELP!!!!!!!"

Narrator:"Will Strawberry,Barnaby,Violet and Rosie defeat Aliverote?Find out in the next episode where we will defeat Aliverote and get gooseberries and cherries and celebrate the Fruit Harvest once again."

(credits roll)


The reason why there isn't a lesson in the episode is because there is another episode making these two episodes a massive episode.