Background characters are characters that are not focused.Although,some of these are focused.

Elves (add all adult elf pictures (except Wise Old Elf).AND THEY MUST BE IN ORDER.)Edit

Mr ElfEdit

Skin color:Tan

Shirt color:Gray-50%

Hat color:Gray-50%

Leaf:Oak leaf (dark green)

Hair color:Orange

Hairstyle:Bowl cut 

Mrs ElfEdit

Skin color:Tan

Dress color:Orange

Hat color:Orange


Hair color:Brown

Hairstyle:Long hair 


Skin color:Coral

Shirt color:Brown

Hat color:Dark red

Leaf:Oak leaf (dark yellow)


Bryan ElfEdit

Skin color:White

Shirt color:Brown

Hat color:Brown

Leaf:Pine leaf (yellow)

Hair color:Yellow

Hairstyle:Elf hair 


Skin color:Dark yellow

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