Y = Appears in an episode with focus

B = Appears as a background character or with no focus.

N = Does not appear.

Barnaby: Season 1

Holly's Magic Wand: N

Gaston The Ladybird: N

The Royal Fairy Picnic: N

The Elf Farm: N

Daisy And Poppy: Y

Queen Thistle's Teapot: N

The Frog Prince: Y

The King's Busy Day: B

Fun and Games: N

King Thistle Is Not Well: N

The Lost Egg: N

The Elf Games: Y (focus not shown)

Nanny Plum's Lesson: N

The Elf Factory: N

Mrs Witch: N

Elf Joke Day: Y

King Thistle's New Clothes: N

Elf School: B

The Royal Golf Course: N

Morning,Noon And Night: B

Gaston's Visit: N

A Trip To The Seaside: N

Ben's Birthday Card: Y (focus not shown)

Books: N

Betty Caterpillar: N

Queen Holly: Y

The Tooth Fairy: N

The Elf Windmill: N

The Elf Band: N

The Ant Hill: N

Redbeard The Elf Pirate: Y

Tadpoles: Y 

Cows: B

Queen Thistle's Day Off: N

Nature Class: Y (focus not shown)

The Toy Robot: Y (focus not shown)

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