Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom - Daisy and Poppy11:14

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom - Daisy and Poppy

Daisy is Holly's little sister, she is 2 years old.

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Daisy and Poppy

She has a twin called Poppy. In the episode daisy and poppy it turns out both Daisy and Poppy are mischievious children.

Although she is identical to her twin sister, Poppy, an easy way to differentiate them two is to identify their appearance. 

Daisy wears a yellow dress and has blonde hair with yellow shoes, while Poppy wears a red dress,red shoes and has brown hair.

Like her sister, Daisy is mischievious and cheeky when magic and wands are involved between them. When they have a hold of wands, they would do any impolite spells, especially such as turning Nanny Plum into a doll, and turning elves into 'Bunny rabbits'.

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