This is fanon.Each feature episodes in Season 1.Season 2 too,but only episodes that can be gameable.

Season 1!

Holly's Magic Wand

In this episode,there are two games.Game 1 is that Holly will do some magic.Help her to make proper spells by following the wand 6 times.Some will be straight,slanted,,zigzag,and of course the hardest one,curves.If you fail 3 times,start again.Game 2 is that Ben must climb the tree.Butterflies will touch Ben,so avoid them.If you slide back down,start all over again and the jackdaw catches Ben,Gaston and Holly.They need to be fast enough,if one of them get caught,start again.

Gaston The Ladybird

In this episode,there are two games.Game 1 is that Ben,Holly and Nanny Plum need to make Gaston's cave nice and fresh.Choose the best items.Game 2 is opposite,dirty.Choose the best items to make it dirty.

The Royal Fairy Picnic

In this episode,there is only one game.Game 1 is that Nanny Plum makes a spell to stop the jelly flood.Trace over 5 shapes,if you go over the lines,restart the shape.If the jelly flood reaches to the Little Castle,start all over again.