(theme song)

Wise Old Elf:(off screen)"Today's adventure starts at the Little Castle."

Holly:(title card)"All Pound's"

Narrator:"King and Queen Thistle are playing "Stroke the Tent" which is a traditional game in the Little Kingdom."

Queen Thistle:"Vitality."

King Thistle:"Is a great way to fight."

Queen Thistle:"Correct!"

King Thistle:"Ho ho!I am a bit of an expert at games."

Holly:"Daddy and Mummy,what are you doing?"

Queen Thistle:"We are playing "Stroke the Tent".

Holly:"And how do you play that game?"

King Thistle:"Queen Thistle picks a yellow card and says the word.The sentence will be in the card too for the answer,then I pick a red card to make the sentence with the word.Every turn we must switch our seats so that the game will be fair.But you have to wait your turn."


Holly:"Gane?Is that you?"

Holly:"Oh!Hello Gane!"

Gane:"I can ask a favor for you.There are chickens in Elf Oak Wood.Do you know where it is?"


Gane:"Mr Elf needs a single egg for the King."


Nanny Plum:(rings bell)"Holly!It's your turn!"

Holly:"Sorry Gane.I have to play a game."



King Thistle:"Are manmade."

Holly:"Silly daddy!The answer was "Eggs are hard shells.".

King Thistle:"You."

Holly:"Can roar loudly."

King Thistle:"No!"

Mr Elf:"I am a cowboy again.Yeehee!"


Mr Elf:"Sheep scoundrels.Show yaself!"

Grey tiger:(cries)

Mr Elf:"Better tackle another route!"

Mr Elf:"An emergency exit,finally."

Grey tiger:(cries)


King Thistle:"Marks the spot!"

Holly:"Gosh dad,you win!"

Brown rat:(cries)

Nanny Plum:"Hello."

Brown rat:"I lost my way home."

Nanny Plum:"Alrigh-Ow!A pound!"

Brown rat:(gasp)"All pound's gone!"(scream)

Nanny Plum:"Quick!Get inside!!"

Mr Elf:"Everything's okay there Fred?"

Fred:"Yes!We will attack the fairies for World War III."

Mr Elf:"Oh no!Fairies attacking us!Get inside!We will desire the Last Day!Nooooooo!!!"

Elf:"Come on lads!Kill the-"

Fred:"Oh n-"

600 elves:"Hurrah!"

Most fairies:"N-"

Wise Old Elf:"How's-"

Elf:"The fairies fled!"

Wise Old Elf:"So this war has ended."

Nanny Plum:"Oh gosh.What's going on?"

Redbeard:"Pounds,everywhere.I hear tragedy somewhere.The secret room."

Holly:"Oh yes!We remembered at that time when the party was nearly finshed!"

Ben:"And Redbeard the Elf Pirate saved the toddlers."

Nanny Plum:"And me!"

Redbeard:"We'll just go now."

Holly:"That's funny.Mummy,why are there cracks here?"

Queen Thistle:"I think something cursed the secret room."

Redbeard:"And that's where the tragedy is.Let me jus-"


Redbeard:"Ah!A chain falcon!Ow!"

Holly:"There are pounds and cats!"

Redbeard:"The puma and the clouded leopard?That's odd."


Clouded leopard:"What takes you here?"(cries)

Queen Thistle:"A-"

Woikers'n Boinkers:"It was me who cursed this room!"

King Thistle:"Just wait here.I'll be outside for a minute."

King Thistle:"Wise Old Elf!"

Wise Old Elf:"Your majesty,what's going on?"

Comerical break

King Thistle:.."AHHHH!Why are there lots of cats?!"

Wise Old Elf:"Oh!Go back to your zoos everyone!Now what were you going to say?"

King Thistle:"We have a chain falcon,a puma,and a clouded leopard,and an odd dark villian."

Wise Old Elf:"Not too worry!I will kill them and I can save you £100."

Wise Old Elf:"Hurrah!"

Holly:"Mummy,it looks like it's dark outside."

Queen Thistle:"That's because it's night time.Ben,it's nearly your home time."


Everyone else (expect the creaturs,which are already dead):"Bye!"

Barnaby:"Fred I mean dad,are you okay?"

Fred:"Yes...You can look after the cats outside."

Serval:(cries)"I have my ears on you!"

Barnaby:"Why are their 9 cats at once?"

All cats:"Because we're a several!"

Tiger:"Now scram."

Barnaby:"But I'm looking after you."

All cats:(roar)



Wise Old Elf:(off screen)"Between a person and a several,they should never meet each other,as always you are safe."

(credits roll)

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