This is a fanon episode.It is the first episode in Ben and Holly Fauna.


Ben and Holly are playing with Gaston.But then they heard something.Elves are building fences for Blan,a black rat.Then they resumed but the stick accidentally hit an elf.He told them to help The Wise Old Elf.Ben and Golly told few questions.But there wasn't time to help The Wise Old Elf.In the next day,the running record has started.At his first record it was 30 minutes but his new record is 28 minutes.Then the brown rats came to tell why that black rat has gone very fast.This is because of the running record.Then they had a great harvest called "Blan New Year".And then,it was finished.


Click Go Blan Go!/Transcript.


Do not edit the page nor the transcript.

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