(theme song)
Wise Old Elf:"Today's adventure The Meadow."

Ben:(title card)"Go Blan Go!"

Ben and Holly:(laughing).

Ben:"C'mon Gaston!Wiggle your legs!"


Ben:"What's that?"

Holly:"Let's check."

Ben:"Why are you putting fences?"

Elf 1:"For Blan."

Holly:"Who's Blan?"

Ben:"I don't know.Well,fetch the stick!


Elf 2:"Oof!Why the heck are you fetching a stick?!This is a Construction Site!Not a playing area!Why not help the Great Elf Tree."

Holly:"Hello Wise Old Elf.Is this a celebration?

Wise Old Elf:"Yes.But it's a world record for running too."

Ben:"What do you mean?"

Wise Old Elf:"Blan is going to run again to beat his record."

Holly:"And who's Blan?"

Wise Old Elf:"He's a black rat.In 1997,a long time ago,he started here to the Little Castle.He was fast but his record was 20 minutes.Because-"

(Flashback in the running record)

Wise Old Elf:"at Crooky Creek,Blan wasn't fast enough to run through the creek and at The Badlands,he can't see where he is going."

(Flashback ends) Wise Old Elf:"And we want him to run less than 30 minutes.Finally,it will start tomorrow."

Nanny Plum:"Holly!Bedtime!"

Holly:"Oh.That's Nanny Plum.I've got to go home now."

Ben and Wise Old Elf:"Bye!"

Mrs Elf:"Ben!Bedtime!"

Ben:"And that's my mum."

Wise Old Elf:"Bye!"


Nanny Plum:"That's the cockerel crow Holly.We don't want be late for the running record."


Everyone: (expect the Wise Old Elf):(chatting)

Wise Old Elf:"Elves,the race is nearly beginning.If Blan can get to the Little Castle before 30 minutes,we can have a harvest."

Traffic Light:(Hand appears then elf horn appears then person cheering appears)

Mr Elf:"Go go go!!!"

Everyone else:(cheering)

Blan:(huffing and puffing)"Whoa!"(spitting water)"16 minutes?"

Brown rats:(gasp)(cough)

Blan:"23 minutes?"



Wise Old Elf:"Good news everyone!We have a new record!28 minutes!

Fairies and elves:(clapping at Blan.)

Brown rats:"WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!"(screaming)

Wise Old Elf:"We are having a running record.Do you want to join the harvest?"

Narrator:"Everyone is having a great time at the harvest.Even the brown rats."

Everyone:(singing then laughing)

Ben (offscreen):"The end."


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