Granny Thistle (aka) Millicent Thistle is King Thistle's mother and Princess Holly's grandmother. Her first appearance was in the episode 'Daisy and Poppy Go Bananas'. She has often taught Daisy and Poppy dangerous magic. She is also the mother-in-law to Queen Thistle

She taught them (in order):

  • The 'Indoor thunderstorm' spell
  • The 'pink dots in the sky' spell
  • The 'walking trees' spell
  • The 'singing trees' spell 

Granny Thistle is Holly's, Daisy's and Poppy's grandmother. Her real name is Millicent. She is married to Grandpapa Thistle. She went to college with the Wise Old Elf. Granny is mother sometimes Daisy and Poppy help Granny read a book Holly and Ben help Granny Her Grandpapa Thistile