McDonald's is yummy in the Little Kingdom!


Here are the foods you can get in McDonalds (Little Kingdom).

Ala Carte and Desserts (greatest to least greatest)Edit


Our greatest option,with fresh buns,Elf Ala beef,and our most popular vegetables,extremely great!Update:NOW HALF PRICE!!!




Never smells stinky like cheese of course!Kids favourite burger,made with fresh buns,cheese,and of course,lettuce.



Salmon McNuggets (Free)

Great for dinner,with a mixture of salmons and Mc nuggets.Never fake!


Salmon McNuggets (Friends to share!)

With salmons,chicken mc nuggets,and mayo,our popular cream.




This golden sandwich is sure one of the Little Kingdom's national food!With Fairy buns,salad cream and boneless circled fish.



Vegie burger

Made with dotted buns,salad,and tomato ketchup!Just jumping with vegies!




Our national cream as with 5 spices for a person!Actually,with custard too!



Magical Wonderland Buns

Made with red cream,our wheat buns,gives lots of energy!



Rhyme Burger

You can rhyme,you can lime,with a sour time,made with fresh buns,green gums and chewing gums!



Fish Fingers

Only natural fried and bad bone free!Taste the fishy feeling!



Bacon Wrap

Nothing but fine crispy chicken and bacon goes into our only-one wrap!



The BBQ Smokehouse

Mmm!!Full of our delightful BBQ Sauce and British and Irish Beef with garlic,cheese and our stylish Ciabetta buns!

Coming Soon!

Special FeaturesEdit

We have a busy farm outside,giving potatoes and all sorts of ingredients!You can help the farmer do his work!You can help to make the food too!

Special OfffersEdit

Camel Cake

You will go and lime for it,because it's our only Arabian food!Including camel milk,McArabia chicken and fresh strawberry cream!

Coming Soon...Edit

Hottle Future

Give us some angry brains,now let's smash our way out!Made with fish-O-fillet,beside is a vegie burger,and something new is lemon juice!Part of Happy Meal.



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