(theme song)

Wise Old Elf:"Today's adventure the Elf Road."

Holly:(title card)"Mute Swans"

Mr Elf:"Ah.It's nice to walk on a long road."

Wise Old Elf:"Excuse me Mr Elf.We have a big problem."

Mr Elf:"What is it?"

Wise Old Elf:"There were 3 mute swans that fled away from a big town near us."

Holly:"Oh swans.They are sparkly and white."

Wise Old Elf:"Yes.But please be careful because they may eat you."


Mr Elf:"There's no time Ben!They may move again."

Wise Old Elf:"Good luck."

Mr Elf:"Now be careful children because mute swans are dangerous."


Mr Elf:"The reason is because they have scary noises.They have a bloody and flesh noise.And they can eat you.So don't go near them.Ok children?"

All children:"Ok!"

Narrator:"Mr Elf and the children are on the Lake."

Mr Elf:"Now be careful children."

Mute swan 1:(cries)

Mr Elf: "Woah!That is a humongues swan!"

Narrator:"The swan is very big."

Ben:"Dad.How do we get the swan away from the lake?"

Mr Elf:"With this large rope.Ooh!This is a very heavy rope.I need help."

Narrator:"The children are helping Mr Elf hold the large rope."

Mr Elf:"Hold on!!!"

Mute swan 1:"WAYAWAHYAHAWAH!!!!!!"

Narrator:"Hooray!The mute swan got out of the lake."

Ben:"Where can we put this swan so it doesn't escape?"

Mr Elf:"In this very large cage."

Narrator:"Mr Elf is putting the swan into the cage so it doesn't escape."

Holly:"Can we go back now?"

Mr Elf:"Not yet Holly.We got 2 more mute swans to catch."

Mute swan 2:(cries scarier than the first one)


Mr Elf:"That is a scary swan indeed!"

[Comerical break]

Mute swan 2:"I think you properly edited some programmes."(laughs)

Mr Elf:"Now that doesn't make sense!"

Mute swan 2:"It do-"

Mr Elf:"Just you silly!"


Mr Elf:"There we g-"

Mute swan 2:(cries)

Narrator:"Oh dear!The swan is running away!"

Mr Elf:"Hold on a minute!"

Ben:"Oh no!He's now in the Pine Forest!"

Holly:"And it's quite cold there.Now we need to wrap up like Winter."

Mr Elf:"Was it clear?Oh well.I got an idea!"

Ben:"And what is this idea?"

Mr Elf:"The 8213 O.B Sezceq.It is very fast.And can get the mute swan by it's really long hand."

Ben:"So we have to stay here?"

Holly:"Of course Ben!"

Mr Elf:"While we catch the swan 3."

Narrator:"To be honest.I don't think this plan will work."

Mute swan 3:(cries so loudly that it is heard in 1 kilometre ((if you live in Ireland)) and 1 and a half mile elswhere)

Everyone (excpect the mute swan):(shriek)

Mr Elf:"Too loud!"

Ben:"Let's get it out!"

Mr Elf:"Ok.Hold on!Aaah!"(gulping in the lake)

Holly:"Are you ok Mr Elf?"


Mute swan 3:"Get to yourself!"


8213 O.B Sezceq and mute swan 3:"Hey!"

Ben:"Let's just think about Mr Elf."

Mute swan 3:"And who's Mr Elf?"

Ben:"My dad."(hooting his horn angrily)

Mr Elf:"Got back and a mute swan will eat me.Aah.What a nice day.

8213 O.B Sezceq:"I got the last swan and got the second one aswell."

Mr Elf:"Let me see what time is it.Holy moly!I need to go on my delieveries!Let's go children and my robot."

Everyone (excpect Mr Elf):"Right-e-o!" Wise Old Elf:"Hello children.I will teach you a lesson.Now where is my old book?"

Elf:"I'm...holding it."

Wise Old Elf:"GIVE ME THAT YOU RASCAL.Now let's start on.

If you are holding the shot,remember it is important a progressive and religous person should always be

in his rights.So hold on to it!

"Now let's start my construction site."



( and ):Shows something that wasn't said.

(( and )):something that is the part of the "wasn't said" signs.

[ and ]:Episode exits.

":Shows someone that is saying.

!:Loud voice.

?:A question.