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Nanny Plum is a main character in the series. She is Princess Holly, Daisy and Poppy's nanny and King and Queen Thistle's housekeeper.

She wears a purple dress and purple shoes. She teaches Holly how to do magic and says "oh dear" a lot as well. Her favourite spell is turning people into frogs, as seen in "Nanny's Magic Test".

She is very good at magic and capable of speaking many animal languages (excluding ones which she claims to be a bit difficult such as Mole, Aardvark, Ant,ladybird and Centipede). She often ends up into all kinds of trouble which she was trying to prevent Holly and friends from getting into. She is also a tooth fairy in the episode "Tooth Fairy". Although being quite bossy, she is very good at cleaning with magic. She rivals the Wise Old Elf. She was a doll called Dolly Plum because daisy and poppy magiced her into a doll in the episode "dolly Plum". black hair with blue eyes Nanny Plum takes Holly and Ben go to Mrs Witch

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