Nanny Plum is a fairy character in Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.

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Nanny Plum is King and Queen Thistle's housekeeper and Princess Holly's nanny and magic teacher. She has a wand, sarcastic personality and is seen to be the Wise Old Elf's rival.

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Even though her arrogant attitude, she is friendly and caring. She is also very helpful. She also happens to be a little lightheaded.

Appearance Edit

She has short black hair tied in a half bun.Her bangs are short 'baby' style, she has violet eyes and wears a purple dress.

Quotes Edit

  • "Silly old elf, back to yourself" (towards wise old elf) - multiple episodes

Trivia Edit

  • she appears to be a feminist (as seen in Redbeard's Rainbow).
  • she is voiced by Sarah Ann Kennedy
  • she kiss all ssg grils

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Nanny Plum

Nanny Plum