Nettle Dias

She is a girl in Mrs Fotheringill's school. She is six years old. She wears a green elf hat with a stinging nettle in it. A green dress. And dark green shoes. Daisy and Poppy are her best friends. Raspberry and Tarquin are also her friends too. She loves her brother Barnaby. In some episodes like 'Daisy and Poppy go to the museum' her brother doesn't literally love her especially in the episode 'The party'.


The Great Elf Tree is her home. Her home is an apartment for elves just like her. Its the same place where Ben elf lives. She lives in a very big home, the great elf tree is bigger than the fairy villiage nor the little castle, it is even bigger than a big person. Also her home (which is the great elf tree) has factories underneath. She has also been to the elf windmill but got mischevious (along with her friends) by making Mrs Fotheringill dissapear. She must have known everything when she went there because she is an elf.


Barnaby Dias, Fred Dias, Sarah Dias, Redbeard the Elf Pirate, Captain Squid, The Wise Old Elf, The leader of the Artic Elves.