She is one of the students in Mrs Fotheringill's students. She is six years old. She wears a green elf hat with a stinging nettle in it. A green short dress. And dark green shoes. Daisy and Poppy are her best friends. Raspberry and Tarquin are also her friends too. She loves her brother Barnaby. In some episodes like 'Daisy and Poppy go to the museum' her brother doesn't literally love her especially in the episode 'The party'. Her cry sounds like Zaza Zebra's cry from Peppa Pig (2004-2012)

Looks Edit

Nettle Stinger wears a green elf hat which it has a stinger in her hat which is a leaf instead of a flower like any other female elf, she has blonde hair, she wears a green dress, and she wears dark green shoes.

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