(theme song)

Wise Old Elf:(off screen)"Today's adventure starts at...Apple Bramble."

Holly:(title card)"Nightmare Breath"


Mr Elf:"What's goin-AAHH!!!Ouch!Yikes!"


Mr Elf:"Don't worry.I have a rope to stop this metal dog."

Woikers'n Boinkers:"RRRRRR!"

Mr Elf:"Aw.That's the toughest thing ever."


Mr Elf:"Gaston!Why are you here?!"


Mr Elf:"Oh.I just forgot you!Do you want to help me?"


Mr Elf:"So what shall we do now with this metal dog?"


Mr Elf:"That's right!Talk to it!Hey you son of a sake!!!"

Woikers'n Boinkers:"Why am I your son you son of god and a shut up!!!"


Woikers'n Boinkers:"Alright.But I will get my revenge!MWAHAHAHAHA!"

Mr Elf:"Okay.But does everyone have enough apples?Ask your partner how many apples you got."


Daisy:"How many apples have we got Tarquin?"


Mr Elf:(claps hands two times)"You should be finished by now.How many have you got?"


Barnaby:"5.One was heavy.Sorry."

Mr Elf:"That doesn't matter."


Mr Elf:"My group got 25."




(rest go on)

Mr Elf:"We have 102 crab apples altogether!Now on our next mission.Gooseberries and cherries.Stay with your partner Strawberry."


Mr Elf:"And everyone else!W-"

Fleur:"But what about Gaston?"

Mr Elf:"Maybe he can be in my group!"

Gaston:(barking happily)

Mr Elf:"Now.We will go to the main part of Nightmare Breath.But don't worry children,it can't be that scary."

Children:"Yes Mr Elf."

King Thistle:"Gosh I'm hungry.What time will the Fruit Harvest start?"

Nanny Plum:"At midnight your majesty.(cough).Euugh!What's that smell?"

King Thistle:"Hey!"

Nanny Plum:(rings bell)"Queen Thistle!There's a phoenix at the street!"

Queen Thistle:(gasp)"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What have you-"(faint)

King Thistle:"What's going on?"

Nanny Plum:(rings bell)

Mr Elf:"What's going on-WHAT IS GOING ON."

Wise Old Elf:"Your Majesty,calm down-Oh!Queen Thistle!"

Ben:"Dad.What's going on?"

Mr Elf:"Smoke?Weird."

Comerical break

Mr Elf:"Where on earth is the smoke coming from?"

Desert cowbird:(cries)

Ben:"This type of bird doesn't live in Nightmare Breath."

Holly:"So we aren't in Nightmare Breath."

Mr Elf:"Let me see my compass."

Ben:"Dad.What's a compass?"

Mr Elf:"It's a thing that helps you find the way to the area you're looking for.They have four big letters,E for east,W for west,N for north,and S for south.Look!"

Ben and Holly:"Cool!"


Mr Elf:"Now.What direction is the red arrow pointing at?"

Holly:"Is it...west?"

Mr Elf:"Yes Holly.West."

Ben:"I think you don't need the compass."

Mr Elf:"Why Ben?"

Ben:"Gaston can sniff the smell,so we can find Nightmare Breath.Gaston,which waywe go?"



Mr Elf:"Hey!Compasses always tell the right way!Oh,it's because of  the smoke,changing to the wrong direction.Weird."

Ben:"Dad.Stop saying "weird".

Mr Elf:"Fine,bu-...Gaston!Did you made this portal!"


Mr Elf:"Oh Wise Old Elf!What brings you up?"

Wise Old Elf:"I hate to say this..But I got bad news."

Everyone else:(gasp)

Holly:"What's wrong Wise Old Elf?"

Wise Old Elf:"It is about the...(embaressed)"Fruit Ha...r...rvest."

Mr Elf:"No.No.Bad.What is wrong with that?"

Wise Old Elf:"We"

Ben and Holly:"Aww."

Holly:"But our mission was great.Why is it cancelled?"

Gaston:(sniffing,nearly crying)

Ben:"Oh dear.What about Gaston!He's hungry."

Wise Old Elf:"Let's worry about that.The reason why's because of the smoke.This will make everything in the Fruit Harvest destroyed,especially the fruit.Even though,we can't change the area because the Elf Road can be an excellent choice.And it's coming from a dragon."

Ben:"WHAT!How can there be dragons around the Little Kingdom!There isn't even any volcanoes around and in the Little Kingdom."

Wise Old Elf:"Yes Ben,but its ancient.I was trying to discover one of our main villians."

???:"But did you double discovered...Wise Old Elf."


Mr Elf:"Hold on!!!"

Wise Old Elf:"Put out the portal believe ouse gods."

All gods:"May we believe in your death!"


Wise Old Elf:"What is wrong Holly?"

Holly:"We can't give up.Look up."

Ben:"We're in Nightmare Breath...main!Doixes can help us!They never give up!"

Mr Elf:"No!"

Doix:"Well what's here!"(cries)

Mr Elf:"Ah!A real life doix!"

Doix:"I can send you to the part-"

(dream,has ended)

Holly:"Hey,what happened!"

Nanny Plum:"Oh good morning Holly!"


Wise Old Elf:"Now it is time for our lesson."

"You can obey someone that helps you but make sure you are pushed out,that means we breathe in and out,occeasionally,I have discovered the mythology of dragons and yet we can still die,even though you are helped out."

(credits roll) 

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