Nightmare Breath is a large area.The Little Castle is in that location.

"Well not get out?You're a throsious beast!Stupid rascals,anyways,you will surely see hell."

Doix,From Nightmare Breath (episode).


There is only one fanon creature in the location and that is the doix,the phoenix's cousin.Phoexines live in a location far from there.During heavy rainy times,the sky gets very dark there,including the Little Castle.

Differences between the phoenix and the doixEdit

There is no memorable reason why.You will find out phoenixes are canon,so you can find them but for doixes,they are fanon and you can't find them.Doixes can speak,not the phoenixes.Doixes are slightly taller than phoenixes.Doixes set up a fire around their body but phoenixes,no.The last one is doixes are blue while phoenixes are red and orange.

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