This is a list of plants of The Little Kingdom.As you watch the episodes,you will notice plants are common and widespread in The Little Kingdom.There is actually one flower that can nly survive in The Little Kingdom and absent through the rest of the country for no reason.


Common agrimony LC
Alpine meadow rue LC (also a garden plant.)
Wild angelica LC
Autumn hawkbit LC
Autumn squill NR
Barren strawberry LC

Basil LC (used for traditional Fairy Soup.)

Betony LC

Betony LC (called holy berry in The Little Kingdom.)

Bird's foot trefoil LC

Bistort LC

Biting stonecrop NR

Black bog-rush LC

Balck horehound LC

Bluebell LC

Bottle sedge NR

Brooklime LC

Brookweed LC

Broom EN

Buck's-horn plantain LC

Bugle DD (used for Elf Dance)

Bulbous buttercup LC

Bulbous rush VU

Bulrush LC

Carline thistle NR

Catmint LC

Celery-leaved buttercup NR

Centaury LC
More coming soon.

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