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Holly is a fairy girl and one of the main characters in the show, alongside Ben Elf. She likes to use magic despite the risk of things going wrong. She first appears in the episode 'The Royal Fairy Picnic'. Ben is her best friend, and her parents are King and Queen Thistle. She wears a pink dress blonde hair violet eyes and a small crown. S

She has two twin sisters named Daisy and Poppy.

Princess Holly









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"The Royal Fairy Picnic"


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Appearance Season 1

She has appeared in every episode up to date, alongside Ben Elf.


She has two parents; King and Queen Thistle, who both care for everyone and take the role of the King and Queen of the Little Kingdom.

She has two younger twin sisters named Daisy and Poppy. They are both very mischievious when wands and magic are involved between them. The only time when they properly behave is when their mother, Queen Thistle is here, who has the capabitlty of confiscating their wands from them.


She has a best friend, who is Ben Elf. He is an elf of the same age as her. He wears blue clothing along with a blue elf hat, and black pants. He is sometimes unsure about fairy magic but encourages Holly to use magic, especially in urgent and desperate situations.

Nanny Plum is the Little Castle's maid. She is very close to Holly as she is known to be her 'babysitter'. She always has the enthusiasm of using magic spells, and doesn't really have a clue about how magic can always lead to wrong results. She is caring to other people, especially Holly, but can be fairly strict during approprate times.


Princess Holly

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