Season 3 is the third season of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. it premiered on March 25, 2014 in the UK and August 8, 2016 in the US.


1 - Welcome to the Little Kingdom - Lucy and her parents get teleported to the little kingdom and become small.

2A - All Vased Up - Ben and Holly gets trapped in a vase so Lucy, Gaston and Bobby tries to rescue them.

2B - Magic Intended - today is the annual Elf and Fairy race and Veta dresses up as a fairy to win the trophy.

3A - Mermaid Mystics - Ben, Holly and Lucy meets a real mermaid named Pearl.

3B - Gliding Sugar - Veta wants the Gliding Sugar to make her scooter work while Ben, Holly, Lucy and Nanny Plum bakes a pie.

4A - The Shiny Star - Ben and Holly invites Lucy to a sleepover at the Great Elf Tree.

4B - The Volcano Crystal - Ben, Holly and Lucy goes to valcano Island to find the volcano crystal.

5A - A Good Plan - Mr and Mrs. Big meets Lavender Fairy and James Elf.

5B - Oops - When Lucy accidentally broked holly's favorite toy she thinsk she won't be friends no more.

6A - I Wish A Genie - When Gaston finds a bottle in the bushes, Holly, Ben and Lucy opens it and a genie pops out of it.

6B - Now You See Him, Now You Don't - Gaston gets kidnapped by Veta The Sorceress. So Ben, Holly and Lucy must rescue him.

7A - A Mystery Pet - When Lucy wants a pet only for her in the little kingdom, Holly magic up some pets for her.

7B - Pet Talent Show - Today is the annual pet talent show and Lucy tries to find a talent for Jewel.

8A - The Garden Crystal - Ben Holly and Lucy tries to find the garden crystal in the garden.

8B - Veta and Amelia - Veta and Amelia tells the children a story how they first met and become friends.

9 - Tiny Tales - Ben, Holly and Lucy gets shrunken by Veta and they get lost in the Elf Factory.

10A The Revenge Of The Elf Joker - Holly, Ben and Lucy tries to stop the evil Elf Joker from playing mean jokes on everyone.

10B Going Bananas - While trying to search for the exotic rare golden banana, Holly, Ben and Lucy gets stuck in a jungle full of falling bananas.

11A Goblin-Toss - The elves and fairies play goblin-toss with some goblins.

11B Mintland - The children meets Minty Zaki and have a tour around mintland.

12A Gooseberry Gounds -


  • Season 3 takes place in CGI animation which was produced by Brown Bag Films.
  • in Season 3 new characters has debuted.
  • The background characters from season 1 & 2 seems to be gone.