Snow is an episode in the Ben and Holly series.After the Wise Old Elf told you where this episode started,all the trees were bare with no leaves.The flowers have changed their colours,Arctic colours.And everyone is wrapped up.


The adventure started at the Great Elf Tree on Christmas Eve.Mr Elf is making his last delivery that year.The fairies met up,Holly,Strawberry and Violet.The elves Ben,Barnaby and Jake waved back.Mr Elf started his final delivery and he is going to the North Pole.He does not land there.Instead,he will drop the toys near Father Christmas's factory.Meanwhile the children wanted to make the Little Kingdom snow,but it didn't.So the elves and fairies and the Wise Old Elf went to the Little Castle to make the Little Kingdom snow.Nanny Plum can make it snow but instead she did it in the sitting room.The children were happy.Daisy and Poppy were happy too but not King and Queen Thistle.But King Thistle just got very cross.Before the snowy part,Nanny Plum put a magic ball with a snowman inside and snow inside too.Unfortunately it didn't snow at all (but later on probably!)After the snowy part,the children,Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf went back to the Great Elf Tree off been very sad.Then Mr Elf came back and finished his last delivery.The children think he is finished but he still got more work to do,the Elf and Fairy Feast.But Ms Elf wanted him to get a rest for 5 minutes but Mr Elf agreed about 3 minutes.Father Christmas was calling because he was missing the box 571,a toy box.Ben was clever because he saw it just were Mr Elf was sitting at.Then they were going back to the Elf Plane to drop it at the North Pole.Before the children,Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf went in,it was snowing,Nanny Plum was right all along.Thet set off to the North Pole.This will continue at it's sequal.Finished.

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