The English Finales against Demi Elf.


The English Finales are coming out,but Ben wants to play in it! Unfortunately, he can't. Mr Elf trains for the English Finales with Demi.

Main features

Ben Elf

Announcer: Demi may be the hottest runner ever but will she rise for the English Finales? Find out next Monday only on CBS.

Queen Thistle:Look!The English Finales will come out next Monday! What luck right?

Ben:(gasp)The English Finales! I wanna play in it!

King Thistle:I'm sorry Ben but the same rules are followed every year.Only if you're a teen or up you can do it.

Ben:For god sake! Why do you have to be a teen?! (Throws mental.)

Holly: Come on. Demi's doing it this year and so is your dad.

Ben:Hmph!Well fine!

Nanny Plum:Awww that's alright.Don't forget Mr Elf is signing up.


King Thistle:Yes Ben.He's the captain of the Little Kingdom!!!

Everyone else: Oh My God!

(theme song) ==Scene 1:Demi's Loft. Wise Old Elf:(offscreen)Today's adventure starts in... Demi's Loft.

Ben:(offscreen)The English Finales against Demi Elf.

Holly:Dad.Are we going to the Stadium in LA or watch the English Finales on TV?

King Thistle:Going to the Stadium in LA,dear.

Ben and Holly: Yeah!!!!!!!

Nanny Plum:(rings bell)Time to go for Mr Elf's training! Holly: Where's Demi? King Thistle: Shea's out training in LA. Holly: When will she back? King Thistle: When she's finished training. She'll also be singing About You Now.

Daisy and Poppy:(laugh)

Queen Thistle:Okay.Children,better behave or else you'll get slapped.

Children:Yes(mummy for Holly).

Scene 2:East High School GymEdit

Ben:King Thistle,where are we goin?

King:To the World's Best Display ever! There are 2 schools for both genders. East for boys, West for girls.

Nanny Plum: Shut up.

King:(sigh.) Ben: My dad will win the award and present it to the entire county and sing About You Now instead of Demi. I don't know why but Demi sounds like a hothead. King: Idiot! Demi is a hothead and she will lose her cool. Ben: (sigh.) ==Scene 3:East High Lobby. Ben: What a long walk. Holly: Totally.

King: Yeah. Totally. So much for Demi Hothead!

Elf:Good morning, welcome to East High. May I help you?

King Thistle:Yes.We are going to a display to see Mr Elf training there.

Elf:Apologies,but you're too early.

King:What the....?

Holly:Look at this everyone!Mr Elf is gonna start training after school!

King: Well the lobby clock never says wrong. 1 hour to go guys!

Ben:Yo guys!Do you wanna come to my floor to see Daddy?

Holly: Of course!

Mrs Elf:Hi Ben!Hi Holly!

Ben:Hi mum!Where's Daddy?

Mr Elf:I'm about to sign up son. No time! Gotta compete against Demi!

Mr Elf:Sorry for holding up.Am I in time?

Elf:You're 1 minute late.So,you are Mr Elf,the captain of the Little Kingdom,aren't you?

Mr Elf:Of course.And I'm here to sign up for the English Finales against Demi.

Elf:Right let's start shall we?Now write in your real name,your floor no.,and you can make up your password.(All these things are kept in private.) Few secs later. Mr Elf:Done!

Elf:Good.Now let's fetch the Wise Old Elf.(offscreen)Wise Old Elf!Wise Old Elf!Please report to afflication immediately!

Wise Old Elf:Hi there.Oh!Mr Elf!You're probably just signed up by now.Let me take the sign-up card.And don't forget to come in in a few minutes.

Mr Elf:Just doing my job Wise Old Elf.

Wise Old Elf:And also don't forget that you're the captain,so show them who's the boss!

Ben,Holly and Gaston: Oh yeah!

Gane:Yo Gaston!

Holly:Oh,please don't eat Gaston.You know he's one of our friends.

Gane:I know,only the babies of us eat them.Anyways guys,why are you outside?

Ben:We were bored,so we three thought of playing outside a bit!

Gane:That's good,make sure you're not too far.

Holly:We'll try our best!

==Scene 4: East High.

Mrs Elf:Excellent children.I was about to call for you but you just came in time.We're going now.

Ben and Holly: Yeah!

Gaston:(barks happily)

Comerical break

Elf: Welcome again. May I help you?

Mr Elf:It's time to train for Demi.

Elf:Oh yes!Just hang on a second.(offscreen)Wise Old Elf!Wise Old Elf!Please report to afflication immediately!

Wise Old Elf:Oh hi everyone.Oh!Mr Elf!Let's start your training.Let's go to the train.

Nanny Plum:Darn it!It's the lowest level ever and I'm not going to breaaaathe.

Wise Old Elf:All aboard!Hold on tight everyone.It's a very deep level you know.(laughs)

Holly and Ben:Weeeeee!

Nanny Plum:Eugh!I'm gonna vomit!

Wise Old Elf:Here we are.

Ben:Wow!Look how big the gym is!

Holly:It's like a hall.

Wise Old Elf:Okay Mr Elf,are you ready to train?

Mr Elf:I'm not sure about this-

Wise Old Elf:Eh!Our first training lesson is running. Run to the wildcat logo please.

Holly:Wow Ben.He's really good.Wait. He did it!

Ben: Yeah!

Wise Old Elf:Good job Mr Elf!You have passed the first lesson.The second lesson is, fast jumping. Jumps over the bars but watch out. If you fall off in the games, you'll be disqualified.

Ben:That's a bit harder- wait what?!

Wise Old Elf:Terrific!The third lesson is slow dance. Slow dance through pipes in 30 seconds! If you don't, you'll be disqualified!

Holly: Oh God no!

Ben:What's wrong Holly?

Holly: The pipes are blocking him!

Wise Old Elf:Fantastic!

Holly: What the....?

Wise Old Elf:Now,for the fourth and final lesson,you will fly like a bird 2 mins non-stop!

Mr Elf:That is extreme!

Ben:Oh no!He fell!

Mr Elf:What the mother of God!I can't believe I fell!

Wise Old Elf:Cheer up Mr Elf.

Mr Elf:(stares at Wise Old Elf)

Holly:Mr Elf?

Ben:Dad!We know you fell!Come on,let's hold hands.

Later that night...Mr Elf was tucked in bed with Mrs Elf,still staring.

Mrs Elf:Mr Elf!Stop staring like that.We can still win against Demi.

King:Excuse me.Can we stay in your floor for the whole week please?


King:Shut up Holly!

Mrs Elf:Eh,you have to book first your Majesty in the Booking Center.

King:And where is it?

Mrs Elf:I'll show you.Mr Elf,stay there and stop staring like that!

Mr Elf:*thinks*My friends can't have passed,I'm gonna get dead Iif I lose the stadium.

Mrs Elf,King Thistle and Holly get out of the Elf Tree and Mrs Elf guides the fairies to the Booking Hotel Center.

Mrs Elf:Here you go your majest.Princess Holly,stay here with me,children are not alowwed to go in the center. Scene 5: Demi's Loft. Demi: Dad! Will you get me a tub of Roles for the trip to LA tomorrow? Dad: No! Cos you won't win anyway! Demi: But why?? Dad: Cos Mr Elf is part taking in it. Demi: No way! I will show him! Tomorrow! Zara: But don't win, OK? Demi: I will win! (Cow moos.) Demi: OK. Night night!

Scene 6: East High Dorms. Ben: (yawn.) I can't believe they forced us to sleep in the dorms. Holly: Yeah. And the finales are here against Demi. What are we gonna do if Demi wins? Mr Elf: We have to focus very smoothly about this. Ben: And Demi is very good. Even though she wins, we'll listen to her sing About You Now. King: Right. Who's up for Demi's mentor? Holly: Me! King: And Mr Elf's Mentor? Ben: Me! King: Let's go to LA! All: Yeah! Scene 7: Airplane. Air Jet: (offscreen.) We will be landing in LA in a matter of moments. Please stand by. Mr Elf: (grunting.) (offscreen.) I might be too slow and Demi might win! Scene 8: The English Finales. (horn blows.) Announcer: Everyone quiet! This is the English Finales! Here are our contestants! Kurt! Lizzie! Debbie! Shirley! David! Mr Elf! Tori! Carly! And Demi! Demi has won for 18 years but will she do it again? (crowd cheers.) Announcer: Now it's time to reveal our first challenge! Fast running super! Mr Elf and Demi will battle it out for a place in the second mega round! Are you ready, Mr Elf?! Mr Elf: Yeah! Announcer: Demi! Are you ready?! Demi: Of course I am! Announcer: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! GO!!!!!!!!!! (BOOM!) Ben: Go dad! Zara: Demi! Ben: Dad! Zara: Demi! Ben: Dad! Zara: Demi! Ben: Dad! Zara: Demi! Ben: Dad! Zara: Demi! Ben: Dad! Zara: Demi! Ben: Dad! Zara: Demi! Ben:PLEASE WIN! Holly: He needs magic help. Announcer: He's near to the line! He's near to the line! Ben: Yeah! HE DID IT! Zara: Oh no! Announcer: And Mr Elf wins the first round! Ben: Yeah! Announcer: Next, High Jumps! Ben: Oh boy! Announcer: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben: Go Dad! Zara: No! Demi's gonna win once and for all! Ben: Oh yeah but not if Holly uses magic! Holly: Run faster spell now! Announcer: YES!!!!! He did it again! Mr Elf has won 2 rounds! Will he win pipe slow dance? Ben: Oh yes he will! Announcer: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Music starts.) 30 secs later. Announcer: Mr Elf did it again! Will he Beat The Line? Everyone shout with me! Everyone: BEAT THE LINE! BEAT THE LINE! BEAT THE LINE! BEAT THE LINE! BEAT THE LINE! Mr Elf: I'm gonna win it! Demi: No you're not. Mr Elf: I'm nearly across the line! Demi: Not for long! (Zap!) Mr Elf: Ouch! Demi: YEAH! I'VE WON! Announcer: How wonderful! Demi has won The English Finales! Demi: Comizeraitions Mr Elf! Try again next year! Mr Elf: (sigh...) Announcer: And now please rise for Demi Elf singing About You Now! Demi: Mr Elf loves this song! (Starts singing About You Now.) 3 mins later! Mr Elf: Can I join you? Demi: You may. (Both start singing About You Now.) The End.

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