Many people who did voice work on this programme also do so on the children's show Peppa Pig, which is produced by the same company.

Actor Peppa Pig Ben & Hollly
Judy Flynn Mummy Pony Mrs Elf
Richard Ridings Daddy Pig Father Christmas
Big Bad Barry
Alice May George Pig Fleur Fairy
Oliver May George Pig Oli Elf
David Rintoul Granddad Dog Redbeard the Elf Pirate
David Graham Grandpa Pig Wise Old Elf
Sarah Ann Kennedy Miss Rabbit

Mummy Rabbit

Nanny Plum
Morwenna Banks Mummy Pig Queen Marigold
John Sparks Narrator Mister Elf
Preston Nyman Simon Squirrel Ben Elf
Harley Bird Peppa Pig Lizzy Elf
Zoe Baker Zoe Zebra Daisy


Alexander Armstrong Uncle Pig Mr Mayor
Grandpapa Thistle


  1. Programme credits.