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Some of the people in ben and hollys little kingdom are the same voices as peppa pig which means they are acted by the same actor!

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Here is the definitive list (source: IMDB)

Actor Peppa Pig Ben & Hollly Judy Flynn Mrs Elf Orianna Poole

Rosie Fairy

Taig McNab Gaston the Ladybird
Abigail Daniels Lucy Sara Crowe Mrs Big Ian Puleston-Davies King Thistle
Ian Puleston-Davies
Mr Big
Sara Crowe Queen Thistle
Alison Snowden Elf Sunsan
Zara Siddiqi Strawberry Fairy
Dominic Byrne Siknner Elf Eloise May Lucy
Richard Ridings Father Christmas / Big Bad Barry
Jadon Mills Toby Elf
Jonny Butler Jake Elf
Lucy Moss Violet Fairy
Jamie Oram Jake Elf
Alice May Fleur Fairy
Oliver May Oli Elf
Brian Blessed Captain Elf
David Rintoul Redbeard the Elf Pirate
David Graham Wise Old Elf
Frances White Jane Elf
Sarah Ann Kennedy Nanny Plum
Andy Hamilton Captain Squild
Leila Farzad Elf Emma
Morwenna Banks Queen Marigold
Madeleine May Elf Hannah
Debbie Mcdonald Fairy Mum
John Sparkes Mister Elf Preston Nyman Ben Elf
Stanley Nickless Barnaby Elf
Harley Bird Lizzy Elf
Bethan Lindsay Lucy
Zoe Baker Daisy
Meg Hall Emily Elf
Sian Taylor Holly
Mary Harris Ship Cook Elf
Clayelle Dalferes Ethan Elf
Warren Cook Roper Elf
Carson Stiggers Mr Mayor
Alexandria Foo Jacob Elf
Peter Dinklage Smith Elf
Blake Shelton Potter Elf
Jason Sudeikis Taylor Elf
Josh Gad Fowler Elf
Danny McBride Dyer Elf
Kevin James

Fisher Elf

Alexander Armstrong Mr Mayor GrandPapa Thistle -

Source data:

(1) Ben & Holly cast on IMDB

(2) Peppa Pig cast on IMDB

(3) More info not on IMDB here

Old list:

  • nanny plum
  • wies old elf
  • holly
  • mr elf
  • barnaby elf
  • Captain squid
  • father Christmas
  • Queen marigold
  • Ben elf
  •   Tarquie
  • mayor
  • redbeard the elf pirate
  • king marigold
  • ms elf
  • poppy daisy
  • fairy mun
  • strawberry
  • mrs elf
  • emily elf
  • chefs cook
  • carter elf
  • sawyer elf
  • mr elf
  • mr cooper elf
  • jones elf
  • cooper elf
  • big bad Barry
  • co-poliet
  • blacksmith elf
  • nick elf
  • potter elf
  • hammer Otto
  • mr blacksmith elf
  • father christmas
  • presdinet will cooper elf
  • mr gone
  • smith elf
  • mr rabbit
  • Lizzy elf
  • mummy fairy
  • fairy granny
  • elf sarah
  • elf Lucy
  • granny elf
  • queen thsitle
  • nanny plum
  • elf Jane
  • fler fairy's mummy
  • nanny fairy
  • elf clarie
  • Rosie sunset
  • Volier fairy
  • Holly
  • mr jones elf
  • mr carter elf
  • fisher elf
  • mrs elf
  • lizzy elf
  • ms elf
  • daisy
  • tarquiet
  • mr elf
  • jake elf
  • Grand papa thistle
  • elf Jane
  • wies old elf
  • elf marine
  • mrs elf
  • polly parrot
  • elf Sarah
  • big bad Barry
  • elf jemeine
  • elf Sally
  • elf Emma
  • mr mayor
  • granny thistle
  • fairy granny
  • queen marigold
  • elf hannah
  • mr elf
  • redbeard the elf pirate
  • ms elf
  • poliet
  • captain
  • fairy mun
  • mrs elf
  • queen thistle
  • mrs elf
  • cooper elf
  • elf Emma
  • fairy granny
  • elf susun
  • captain pirate
  • elf Alice
  • ms elf
  • big bad Barry
  • queen marigold
  • father Christmas
  • elf Alice
  • jake elf
  • emily elf
  • oli elf
  • mayor
  • strawberry
  • mr elf
  • elf Clarke
  • genie
  • big bad Barry
  • miller elf
  • elf Hannah
  • queen marigold
  • lizzy elf
  • hammer Otto[[Category:Made by someone who l

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