Sorry guys.This title is meant to be Waiytod.The iPad is a bit silly.

Waiytods are fanon,not canon creatures.They are very common at Apple Bramble.


All waiytods have a great appearance.A quarter of the body is yellow with stripes.Their eyes are yellow.As they get older,their black pupils get smaller.They are horizontal unlike humans so their purple spikes are at the top of their head and on their feet.


The species can live for 30-78 years.Their height is 0.2 to 2 metres tall and they are 1 to 3.8 metres long.


This species is carnivore,so that means it eats meat with it's prey instead of eating plants.It likes to eat foxes,snowy owls and rabbits the best.They rub their head so they can be in good health at least 3 times daily.Their predators are just humans but the way to protect themselves is that they use their spikes at the top to defend themselves.To do this,the waiytod must try to be in vertical shape so their head is at the bottom and the spikes are above the head.Then the predator gives up.Their baby feeds fruit and insects.It makes a weird killing noise like this:"Waahy"

Distribution and habitatEdit

They are only found in Apple Bramble.Their habitat are apple caves,and crystal caves.They go outside too but they go near their cave so they don't get lost.They defend the cave if anyone apart from waiytods come.


There are 4 subspecies of waiytod,near threatened to endangered.

Elf waiytod,has a hat just like the elves from the Little Kingdom.They grab their horn by the tail,then hoot.NR Sticky waiytod,most of it's body is covered in extremely sticky glue.VU
Magical tod,the leaders of all waiytods.They make forces to attack other caves.VU
Sparkled tod,they make hurricanes and other severe weather.One tried to attack Ben and Holly and instead,they live in golden rails.EN

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