"We are never lost!" is a song in the episode Apple Bramble.


Ben:"If you are lost."

Mr Elf:"Then come and find us we'll be there!"


"We are never lost!You can do anything if you can find us!Just come to us and we'll be there!"

(song stops)

Ben:"Look guys!I found a crab apple!"

Holly:"I got the scissors!"

Ben:"Thanks Holly!Elves are good at climbing,and I'm an elf!"(hooting horn)

Holly:"Catch Ben!"


Mr Elf:"I'm going to get the cage.I'll be right back!"

(song resumes)

(back to chorus)

(song stops)

Mr Elf:"I got the cage!"

(song resumes)

Holly:"We are sweet and kind to help you!Just come to us and we'll be there!"

Ben:"You could find us at the north,south,west and eeeeast!"

(back to chorus)

(song stops)

Holly and Mr Elf:"Ben!There's another crab apple!"

(song resumes)

(back to chorus)

All:"Just come to us and we'll be theeeeere!"

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