Wise Old Elf

The Wise Old Elf (aka) Cedric is a fictional character in the series who leads the Elves in any way he can in any episode. He is a trusted colleague of the King, and he typically deals with catastrophic happenings (such as when the woodpecker who got into the Elf Tree took it over by physical force), and he is one of the King's friends, besides being a colleague. He is a medical doctor, a librarian and a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. He is the father of Nigel Redbeard, Fred Elf and Captain Squid. He is known for his overreactions to various points (such as when Nanny Plum bakes cakes with magic). He is not as wise as he claims to be, knowing more about sport and arcitechture than about general knowledge.

The Wise Old Elf is known for taking an active role in the lives of his flatmates, which is always rewarding in some way. He is known to like tropical islands and holidays. He sometimes pilots the Elf Helicopter in relation to the Elf Rescue Service. He is a jokester, being comedic when he wants to be, such as when mandated on Elf Joke Day. He and Nanny Plum have a love-hate relationship. He knows nothing about astrophysics and eats potatoes every morning. His voice sounds like Grandpa Pig's voice from Peppa Pig (2004-2012).He hates magic to the fullest,if Nanny Plum has anything to do with it.His hate of magic is still unknown. He is known as bossy sometimes and a magic hater. A very rude thing he did in the episode No Magic Day he laugh at the fairies for not doing magic but a nice thing the elf children help the fairies how to do things without magic. And in No Magic Day he refuse to tell King & Queen Thistle to tell what the elf machine made out of but then he said it was made out of magic. When the magic came back. Nanny Plum turn The Wise Old Elf to a frog to teach him a lesson.